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Final journal!

Two weeks home, I am so glad I was able to have this experience because it opened my eyes to the ways I can be so accepting of certain opinions, and so critical of others without actually taking my own time to analyze the situation myself and form my own opinions. I still have yet to decide what I think about the refugee crisis in Berlin and how the government manages the living situation of those who have traveled so far with nothing. I have also had so much time to reflect on how race plays a role in Germany and compare it to the United States. It has been fun to bring back these stories and tell my friends about the white dreads, but I have also had very interesting conversations with my friends about how I see the world differently because of my experiences learning about German history and temporary housing for refugees. I also had great conversations with people about my experiences at home about the differences between race in Berlin and race in Seattle. And I have been able t…

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